Schedule & Points

We will play two separate leagues in Tallin & Tartu. 

The league will use an adapted Swiss System. The pairing for the first round will be generated randomly. After this, winners will face winners (winner bracket), and losers (loser bracket) the same way. In case of a tie, a coin will be flipped to decide in what bracket the players will be assigned.

September : 500 points (incursion)

October : 750 points (incursion)

November : 1000 points (incursion)

December : 1000 points (incursion)

January : 1250 points (strike force)

February : 1500 points (strike force)

March : 1500 points (strike force)

April : 1750 points (strike force)

May : 2000 points (strike force)

Grand Final : The top 5 players of each city will be invited to YoMana in Tallinn to play a grand final in the form of a one day, 3 games tournament. The finale will be at 2000 points, played with chess clocks. 

Tournament regulations

Army restrictions

Army rosters must be composed using latest codexes for corresponding factions (if your faction is still missing 9th edition codex, you should use the one from 8th edition). All rosters must be Battle Forged and use the Matched Play system for unit cost. 

Below 1750 points, the Lords Of War are forbidden.

Matched Play rules

Army may consist of 1-3 detachments

Table size – respecting the army size in points. 

All detachments must follow Battle Forged rules

Use of Specialist Detachments – forbidden

For the purpose of the League, the latest Chapter Approved Matched Play rules will apply.

Allowed and forbidden units

Units from Warhammer Legends – forbidden

Units from 8th edition indexes – forbidden

Reinforcement points

Any units that you want to summon during the battle must be included as reinforcements in your army roster with all corresponding point costs. Summoning any of units that are not included in the army roster is forbidden.

Note that you must have all the models for all units that are listed in reinforcements, no matter if they will be summoned during the battle or not.

Miniatures requirements

  • Base size must be identical to the latest base size for a standard model that it represents (in case if it has a base)
  • Overall size of an alternative model must be of approximate the same size as a standard one (size difference should be less than 20%)
  • 3D printed miniatures are allowed. 

Table setup & Size

For the sake of fairness, the table setup will be the ones below as a minimum. More terrains can be added if the both players agree to do so. 

It is commonly admitted that for 1000 points games, the Incursion table size format is too small. If both players agree, it is allowed to increase the table size to 40*40. In case of a dispute, the normal size (33*40) applies. If both players can’t agree, they’ll both be given points for a loss in the standings. 

Terrain piece 1 : Large ruins

Keywords : Scalable – breachable – light cover – defensible – obscuring

Terrain piece 2 : Midsize ruins

Keywords : Scalable – breachable – light cover – defensible – obscuring

Terrain piece 3 : Small terrain piece

Keywords : Scalable – dense cover – Breachable – Defensible – difficult terrain

FAQs and erratas

The latest changes from FAQs and erratas for rules and codexes, up to the date of the final check, are used in this tournament.

If your army received a point change between delivery of your roster and the date of the final check, you can contact the organizers and change your roster according to the changes.

All of the latest FAQs and erratas for codexes and rules can be found here: 


During the League you will play a pre-chosen mission from the last Chapter Approved GT. A mission will be rolled for the month, so that all players play the same mission. 

The players must respect the secondaries rules applied in the current GT at the time of the game.


Deployment map for each of the tournament rounds will be represented with a corresponding deployment map of the main mission.

Please ensure that both you and your opponent agree on classification of all the terrain features (Defensible, Obscuring, etc.) on the table before the game starts.

Note that terrain will be fully set up, however you can move it to ensure that objective markers can be placed on the ground level before the game starts.

Playing the tournament

The Tournament will be played using the 20-0 WTC scoring system.

A win grants 1 point

A tie grants 0.5 point

A loss grants 0 point

Games can be played at Yo Mana (opening hours to be communicated by the TO weekly) – or anywhere else as soon as both players agree on the location and the table is judged by both opponents satisfactory enough for the game. 

In case your opponent gives up, does not show up or can’t participate in the monthly match, you get the points for a tie, the opponent the points for a loss. 

In case an argument appears on who could or could not participate and the TO cannot clearly see what is the case, both opponents will get the points for a loss. 

Conceding, technical loss, tabeling

  • During any of your turns after the second Battle Round you can concede. In this case you withdraw all your miniatures from the battlefield as casualties (for means of secondary objectives). Your opponent has the right to finish up to the 5th Battle Round. Your score remains unchanged from the moment of conceding.
  • In case one of the opponents concedes before the beginning of the third Battle Round, he gets 0 points, while the second player receives 20 points.
  • If one of the opponents is absent from the table for more than 20 minutes, the second player has the right to ask theJudge to declare a technical loss. In this case the winner receives the opportunity to finish up to the 5th Battle Round. Victory Points of the loser are set to 0.
  • In case if you completely destroyed the opponent’s army (tabled him), the win is automatically given with 75 victory points – in the case the player tabling his opponent acquired more than 75 points, the points acquired are kept and the game finishes when the last model of one army is destroyed.

What to bring

Any gaming material that is required to have during the games

  • At least one copy of an army roster (printed or stored on a device)
  • Pen, tape-measure, dice
  • Rulebook, army codex, erratas and FAQs that are used in your roster (printed or stored on a device)

Army roster

Make sure that your roster has these things:

  • All units of your army, including their cost, cost of their equipment and specification of which models are using chosen equipment.
  • Who is your warlord and what is his trait.
  • Psychic powers selected.
  • Additional abilities, powers, traits and relics that are chosen before the battle.
  • Detachments with corresponding fractions.
  • Reinforcement units with their point costs..

Choosing the winner   


  • Grand Final winner – 50 euros voucher at Brain Games
  • There might be some other surprises…

Battle places

For the sake of fairness and transparency, the ITC Battle App will be used for keeping track of scoring. Once a game is complete, you must send the “Result” page to the TO as a screenshot on Discord.