• Dinomerguez VS TrojanDonkey

    Dinomerguez VS TrojanDonkey

  • Omnomegon VS Kituu

    Omnomegon VS Kituu

    in the land of tearsof gates to the sea of soulsfate governs us all Farseer Nou’hm-Noh’ra and her crew had been wandering the galaxy for

  • Virko VS Janzu

    Virko VS Janzu

  • Rusmaxim VS Ottonäsa

    Rusmaxim VS Ottonäsa

    “AHRIIIMAAAAN!!!” A terrifying scream echoed over the torn vulcanic plains of Jökurrvall, the bastion planet that housed Abaddons forward base where he was mustering troops

  • Dinomerguez VS Karlkarl93

    Dinomerguez VS Karlkarl93

    Chaos spawn!Everywhere!

  • Omnomegon VS VirkoJ

    Omnomegon  VS VirkoJ

    loodus sammus tühermaaletähistatud tannermaalekivilt tunnistusi nõudmaoma õigust taga nõudma kaasas tamm ja okka vägilainte madu, haavapuukustutama oma häbiheitma seljast raske süü lainte madu murdis hambadvastu

  • TrojanDonkey VS Arkan

    TrojanDonkey VS Arkan

  • Rusmaxim VS Allister

    Rusmaxim VS Allister

    Abaddon won over black templars.

  • Etxak VS Tokra

    Etxak VS Tokra

    “An alien threat has risen from beyond the abyss, a swarm so vast that it blots out the stars. This horror fights neither for power

  • Ergonaut VS Virko

    Ergonaut VS Virko

    Date: 28. September, 2022 Location: Planet Southcentre, Braingames City outskirts, Tabletop Ruins Scrambled vox communication of fierce military conflict between Tau and Necron forces on

  • Slaughtor VS Arkan

    Slaughtor VS Arkan

    The Sons of Russ stormed quickly the enemies positions and did their best to cut down the foul xenos. But the Necrons counter-attack was too

  • Etxak VS Svehn

    Etxak VS Svehn

  • TrojanDonkey VS Rusmaxim

    TrojanDonkey VS Rusmaxim

  • Allister VS Tan-ki

    Allister VS Tan-ki

    A violent game. The templar attempted to go all in with a risky charge toward the key elements of the bugs on T1. Unfortunatly for

  • Gnu the 2nd VS Kituu

    Gnu the 2nd VS Kituu

    +++ Incoming message +++ To: Commander Farsight, Leader of The Farsight Enclaves From: Commander Kaisarion, Leader of the 21st Gue’vesa Battlesuit Squadron Date: 21. September,

  • OttoNäsa VS Karlkarl93

    OttoNäsa VS Karlkarl93

    The recently promoted Black Templar lieutenant had taken a batch of raw recruits and seasoned Astartes to conduct exercise drills on Bellus IV, one of

  • Tokra VS Muck

    Tokra VS Muck